Establishing town markets in the Meža Valley

Establishing town markets in the Meža Valley

  • Datum objave 27.09.2021

Within this project, four town markets were established in the Meža Valley in the required scope. There already was a market in Ravne na Koroškem, so this case involved the renovation of old and setting up of new points of sale, and the setting up of additional infrastructure (electrification). In Prevalje and Mežica, new markets were established, as there had been none. In Črna na Koroškem, the specific features of the elongated town and its surrounding valleys prompted the purchase of eight stalls used at various events, while in Rudarjevo and Žerjav, a new market place with points of sale (small houses) and all necessary infrastructure were set up, where local producers can sell their products.

“The desire and need of local communities in the area of our Meža Valley LAG was for each town to have a central place where not only sales but other parallel activities would be carried out. The notion of town markets has always been perceived as a hub where people meet and socialise in addition to buying.” (Viktorija Barbič, Meža Valley LAG)


The goal was to set up places for sales and stimulate local producers to sell their crops and products in the local area, and to gradually increase local production and processing.

The strategic and long-term goals of the operation are:

  • versatile development of municipalities and centres of town;
  • to expand the range of tourist products and services in the Meža Valley;
  • better economic situation in the area and new jobs; better self-sufficiency of the area and a higher level of awareness of the significance of healthy food, and
  • better health of residents.

The operational goals of the operation were:

  • to provide the basic conditions for the marketing of local crops and products in towns, prompting the development of supply and demand for local products and services for better sustainable local self-sufficiency and a better economic situation in the area and new jobs;
  • to revive centres of towns – to establish conditions for all generations from the whole area to connect and gather (to prevent social exclusion of certain target groups), and
  • connection between the four markets (market operation model).



The following activities were carried out on the existing market in Ravne na Koroškem: two signposts with “TOWN MARKET” on both sides were set up in the market area; electrical connection spots were arranged in the market area; seven small wooden sales houses were renovated. The work included painting the houses in a luminous colour for illumination, and producing and installing additional metal and wooden roof trims; ten stalls from solid spruce wood were purchased, whose surface was coated with a lacquer and glaze in green colour. The roofing was covered with waterproof canvas with the municipality’s coat-of-arms printed on it. The stalls have a storage shelf.


The following activities were carried out: A 50 m2 projecting steel roof was installed; two closed containers for the sale of products were purchased and set up. The containers have additional interior equipment crucial for the operation of the market in the winter (sink, boiler for sanitary water, radiator, etc.); an open 15 m2space was arranged for products, such as wickerwork and other large products, to be sold outdoors; a sanitary unit was purchased and set up, which can also be used by disabled people, as it meets all standards (door width, large enough space to turn around, ramps were additionally installed). The sanitary unit has additional interior equipment crucial for operation in winter (sink, boiler for sanitary water, radiator, installation protection).

A drinking fountain was erected and trees were planted; the market area was also equipped with urban equipment (benches, waste bins). 14 parking spaces were arranged, including a disabled bay; installations were renovated: plumbing, sewage system, electrical power lines and public lighting.


A 140 m2 open facility was built in Mežica. Its structure is made of concrete (concrete pillars), the exterior and the wooden ceiling were trimmed with wooden slates. The façade on the eastern and western side of the facility is from Alucobond material and at the request of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, it will be grown over with greenery. There are concrete pillars in the facility next to which counters for the sale of crops and products will be subsequently installed. Entry for delivery persons will be at the back of the market. In addition to market activities, the facility will also be intended for socialising. This is an open facility with installed drainage, electrical power lines, public lighting and public toilets. We have obtained a building permit to build the facility. The investment helped us to create good conditions for the sale of local crops and products, locating providers in one place. We also wish to improve the atmosphere in the centre, and diversify life in the town with events and shows.


Purchase of movable equipment for the markets: two wooden sales houses and eight wooden stalls were purchased – movable equipment which may be erected at any location in the municipality.

The arrangement of the market in Rudarjevo comprised: the arrangement of the place – the straightening and laying of paving stones; the arrangement of electrification and plumbing; the arrangement/planting of flower beds; the purchase and installation of one waste bin, two benches and one sink with a tap on the back; the erection of one signpost; the installation of movable equipment – two stalls and one wooden house (movable equipment may also be erected elsewhere in the municipality).

The arrangement of the market in Žerjav comprised: the arrangement of electrification and plumbing; the arrangement/planting of a flower bed; the purchase and installation of one waste bin, two benches and one sink with a tap on the back; the erection of one signpost; the installation of movable equipment – two stalls and one wooden house (movable equipment may also be erected elsewhere in the municipality).

Promotional and motivation activities were also carried out – the organisation of various events to activate local providers, residents and visitors. The activities were carried out by the Črna Tourist Society: the overview of local providers of agricultural and handicraft products; promotional material (flyers and invitations for societies, and a notice on the opening times of the markets and the opening event) was prepared.

– the organisation of a fair day – opening of the Rudarjevo market

– the organisation of a market exchange day

– the plan of events at the Rudarjevo and Žerjav markets in the coming months


–    Economic:

The establishment of markets will provide the conditions to sell home-produced healthy food, which in turn will improve the quality of life in municipalities, as those residents who are not involved in farming and do not produce food are able to buy such products. A part of the local residents will be given an opportunity for additional income, and healthier and fresher food, and other products will be provided to local residents and tourists. Although the project has just concluded, we have noticed an increased flow of people at these locations and slightly more products on offer but cannot state any specific data. More will be known in 2019.

–    Environmental / Climate action:

By establishing local markets, we boost local production and processing of food which is also used locally. This contributes to a well-planned cultural landscape and reduction of carbon footprint left by lengthy transport routes and intensive food production.

– Social:

The planned operation pursued the goal to establish and prepare town markets in urban areas, and to establish a model for their operation and connection. A need has been recognised to raise the level of self-sufficiency by establishing a network of providers and users of the excess of locally produced food.

– Networking value:

The project partners were: Municipality of Ravne na Koroškem, Municipality of Prevalje, Municipality of Mežica and Municipality of Črna na Koroškem.

In cooperation with various local stakeholders, such as societies, local communities, farmers – providers at the markets and potential providers, and the agricultural advisory service, we prepared a market operation model in the Meža Valley. The preparation of the model included the planning of coherent action of markets in the Meža Valley. For this purpose, we had initially checked the existing situation in town in the valley, and reviewed best practices of market operation in Slovenia. At four workshops and presentations, we spoke to local stakeholders on possible ways of coherent market operation and motivated them to join the planning and implementation of further joint activities. Finally, we managed to prepare a model for coherent market operation in the Meža Valley.


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