We present rural development projects, which were co-financed by the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in the funding period 2014-2020. They show how the agriculture policy contributes to a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive rural Europe.

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Local food at schools – Increasing local food self-sufficiency, establishment of short supply chains for healthier nutrition of children

Self-sufficiency in the Škofja Loka area is low, but the demand for locally produced food has been growing. Despite the interest, there were not enough providers and consumers, particularly public institutions. The goal of the project was to solve challenges encountered by actors with association. The project innovatively upgrades existing practices of local food supply …

Expanding the range of tourist products and services with horseback riding and therapeutic riding – Anton Vrbnjak

Farming on Anton Vrbnjak’s farm is done on 10 ha, where mainly wheat and corn are cultivated; they also have 5 ha of forest. They had a few horses, but their desire was to offer their daily visitors and guests who spend holidays on their farm and their local community something more. Therefore, they wanted …

Young farmer Matic Vizjak – innovative products based on chilli peppers and beekeeping

Vizjak Farm proves that even a small farm (0.90 ha of agricultural land) can provide jobs by developing new innovative products, and good marketing approaches. The young farmer constantly expands the range of his products, and improves and seeks new innovative products; they were the first to combine wine with chilli peppers, and won three …

Beekeeping, gingerbread making and apitourism of young farmer Darja Šolar

Šolar Farm was taken over by young farmer Darja Šolar. The farm is known far and wide not only for beekeeping but also for the maintenance of the traditional craft of gingerbread making. Let us remind you that gingerbread used to be a beekeeper’s added value. Gingerbread is a decorative confectionery product that may be …

Establishing town markets in the Meža Valley

Within this project, four town markets were established in the Meža Valley in the required scope. There already was a market in Ravne na Koroškem, so this case involved the renovation of old and setting up of new points of sale, and the setting up of additional infrastructure (electrification). In Prevalje and Mežica, new markets …

Activity Centre – Silver Palace

The project stems from the Local Development Strategy for the Dolenjska and Bela krajina Local Action Group and points out the non-utilisation of common infrastructure for revitalising, renovating and enriching local facilities to include residents. Such an unused facility is Komenda which is culturally very important, as it has been also used to provide care …

Southeast Slovenia

M19 – Support for LEADER local development (CLLD – community-led local development)

Breeding of indigenous breeds in danger of being lost to farming – Janez Smrtnik’s farm

Janez Smrtnik’s farm (Kovk Farm) is as a mountain farm with pastures in the mountains. It is a role model for how, with not much financial incentive, to not only maintain but create a good basis for the future of the family and jobs when his four children grow up. Kovk Farm is an organic …

Upper Carniola

M10.1 – Agri-environment -climate payments, M11.2 – Payments for the preservation of organic farming practices and methods, M13 – Payments to areas facing natural or other specific constraints, M14.1 – Payment for animal welfare

Sustainable cultivation of olive trees and innovative extraction of olive oil with ultrasound at Beno Bajda’s farm

This is an innovative family organic farm owned by Beno Bajda who believes in progress, innovation and development. Through years of work, learning and experience, they have managed to create world-class and unique products which have been winning awards and recognisability at home and abroad. The measures of the Rural Development Programme for the 2014–2020 …


M10.1 – Agri-environment -climate payments, M11.2 – Payments for the preservation of organic farming practices and methods

Successful development of a cooperative with organic production of apples and meat including innovative origin tracing procedures to market its products – The Šalek Valley Agricultural Cooperative

We highlight an example of best practice which contributes to the main strategic needs in Slovenia – to increase the production of organic meat and fruit. The Šalek Valley Agricultural Cooperative is a cooperative which successfully transfers innovative ideas into practice. It developed an original traceability system using the QR code so that buyers may …


M14.1 – Payment for animal welfare

Modernisation of an organic cooperative dairy – Planika Dairy

We highlight an example of best practice which is relevant to the conservation of our environment, since this is an example when an organic dairy owned by a cooperative uses modern technology to help preserve rural areas, give jobs to locals, process local raw materials, and produce top innovative products from organically produced milk.. ‟As …


M10.1 – Agri-environment -climate payments, M11.2 – Payments for the preservation of organic farming practices and methods

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