22. 3. 2021 – Slovenian stall at Rural Vision Week Marketplace

Sustainable forestry in response to the climate change of the future

Rural Inspirational Award finalist: Restoring forests damaged by natural disasters and improving the viability of forests


Forests and climate change

Video: Forests and climate change; Author – Slovenian Forestry Institute and Slovenia Forest Service

Description of the project



Close-to-Nature: Forest Management in Slovenia (.pdf)

Summary of the report on Slovenian Forests and Forestry 2007-2014 (.pdf)


Future of the rural Europe are in hands of young people

Gallery of pictures: A vision of rural areas from schoolkid‘s competition „No Farming, no Food“


Good practices of young farmers “Green generation“

We are presenting some of the short formats of shows #Green Generation – Young Village Folk, which informs and raises awareness of open issues of European agriculture and development in rural areas based on current issues. We are presenting the change of generations in food production, which is also one of the nine priorities of the common agricultural policy after 2020.

VIDEO: Martina Veršnik takes care for a thousand of olive trees

VIDEO: Gregor Božič has planted an orchard with 60 old fruit species in Goriška Brda

VIDEO: Miha Kobal develops a project of growing garlic, onions and potatoes on a well known Šentvid plateau above 800 m

VIDEO: Timotej Kovač is convinced that livestock farming is a part of a closed natural circle

VIDEO: Žiga and Barbara are selling organic hay meat directly to customers


CLLD – an effective measure for the future local need

CLLD pokoncno CMYK modra

Slovenian scheme of CLLD implementation

Slovenian implementation of LEADER/CLLD approach in Slovenia

CLLD Coordination Committee facilitating multi‑fund approach in LEADER (CLLD Committee.pdf)

LAG The Heart of Slovenia: LESARIUS – Experience -Create – Respect!

LAG Richness of rural areas along the river Drava and in Slovenske gorice hills: cooperation project Eating different, eating local!

LAG Loka’s Mountains: cooperation project E-asy on bike

Article: Strengthening of self-sufficiency and short supply chains through the LEADER/CLLD approach (link)

Article: Rural gems that the European euro helped to polish (link)

Map of Slovenian LAGs

Publication: Local action groups in Slovenia in the programming period 2014–2020


EIP projects with solutions to the challenges of the future

Fruit growers and pollinators.pdf; VIDEO: Fruit growers and pollinators

New technologies for production of grapes in vineyards (EIP 2 – New technologies.pdf)

New technologies for production of grapes in vineyards – more (EIP 2 – New technologies – more.pdf)

Installation of irrigation systems in olive groves (EIP 3 – olive.pdf)

Corn cob as a renewable energy source (EIP 4 – Corn cob.pdf)

Hay meat and milk.pdf; VIDEO: Hay meat and milk