11.3.2021 – Summary of the Report on Slovenian Forests and Forestry 2007 – 2014


jelovo bukov ElizabetaHabic


The forest is important for Slovenia and Slovenes. It covers two-thirds of the county’s territory and thus as a prevailing feature characterizes the landscape and improves the quality of life. It provides a number of  valuable  goods  that  are  not  only  wood,  but  also  other  natural  resources  which  must  be  sustainably  managed.

The  report  notes  that  the  NFP  that  represents  the  fundamental  strategic   document   aimed   at   establishing,   conducting   and   monitoring national policies of sustainable forest management, has predominantly been implemented. The main principles, objectives and  guidelines  outlined  in  the  NFP  for  the  preservation  of  forests  and   their   multifunctional   role,   which   includes   environmental,   social  and  economic  aspects,  have  been  followed.  Forest  sector  cooperates with other links of the forest-wood chain, environmental protection and nature conservation as well as with all others who are associated with forests and forest land.