Sharing good practices – CAP Strategic plan intervention »Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer«

Author: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Archive

Sharing good practices – CAP Strategic plan intervention »Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer«

  • Datum objave 26.01.2024

In this article we, the Slovenian Rural Network and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia, would like to share with you a short presentation of an intervention, which is being implemented in Slovenian’s CAP Strategic plan, called »Medgeneracijski prenos znanja« – »Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer«.

The intervention »Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer« is designed to help young farmers acquire the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the agricultural sector. It’s designed to respond to the need to improve the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of information, especially in the context of the need for the successor to acquire specific knowledge and practical experience. The formal education of farmers is improving, but younger farmers who want to take over a farm lack specific and practical knowledge and experience that they can get from older farmers.

The intervention aims to respond to the above-mentioned need, by financially supporting the transferor, who is carrying out activities that transfer specific knowledge and experience acquired through long-term agricultural activities on the transferred agricultural holding to the successor.

The intervention is implemented through public calls for tenders. To qualify for support the aplicants must meet certain conditions – Support is granted to the transferor, who has been the holder of the farm for at least 10 years before the ownership transfer, has been employed on his/her farm for at least 7 years and has experience in submitting summary aplications and implementing measures of the common agricultural policy. Support is payed  in the form of non-reimbursable financial assistance in the total amount of 10,800 euros for a three-year period. The beneficiary is paid three installments of 3,600 euros each, one installment after each twelve-month period of knowledge and experience transfer activities.

To ensure generational renewal, the successor must meet the conditions for support under the intervention »Support for the establishment of young farmers’ businesses« and have qualified for support within the public call for the intervention »Support for the establishment of young farmers’ businesses,« which was published in the same year as the public call for the intervention »Generational transfer of knowledge«.

Knowledge and experience transfer are to be conducted in accordance with a program for the implementation of knowledge and experience transfer activities, which is submitted by the applicant, when they apply for the public call.

The activities described in the plan must:

  • Be derived from interventions the farm is partaking in according to the submitted collection application, including practical demonstrations and safety instructions, such as various IACS based interventions,
  • Include marketing activities,
  • Include supportive activities in connection with the implementation of the young farmer’s business plan,
  • Include practical tips for solving specific problems and administrative activities within the framework of agricultural activities,
  • Contribute to the social inclusion and connectedness of both generations.

The first public call for the intervention was held from the 8th of September 2023, and lasted until November 15th, 2023. The total available funds in the public call was 1.9 million Euro.

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