16. 9. 2019 – 5th Slovenian Rural Parliament

  • Datum objave 16.09.2019
Upon the initiative of the Slovenian Rural Development Network, the co-organizers of the event are partners of the National Rural Network with cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. INVITATION… PROGRAMME… REGISTRATION… REIMBURSMENT FORM… BACKGROUNG INFORMATION…
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16. 5. 2019 – Local Action Groups in Slovenia – in a new broschure

  • Datum objave 16.05.2019
  In the programming period 2014–2020, 37 local action groups were formed in Slovenia, thus covering the whole territory. Local action groups were formed in areas with common local needs and challenges with the common objective of realising local development needs. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food issued a brochure of the Local Action ...
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30. 1. 2019 – First nine EIP projects approved (M16 cooperation)

  • Datum objave 30.01.2019
We have approved the financing of 9 EIP projects within two submeasures: – 16.2: Support for pilot projects and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies – 4 projects – 16.5: Support for joint measures aimed at mitigating climate change or adapting to climate change and for joint approaches to environmental projects ...
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11. 7. 2018 – Assistance to the Macedonian administration for implementation of the Community Leader Initiative and approval of Local Action Groups in Macedonia

  • Datum objave 11.07.2018
At the end of May 2018, the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food successfully completed the bilateral technical assistance project between Slovenia and Macedonia titled »Strengthening the institutional capacities for implementation of the Community Leader Initiative and approval of Local Action Groups in Macedonia«. In four missions of five days, six Slovenian experts from ...
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10. 9. 2017 – Slovenian Rural Parliament 21st and 22nd September 2017

  • Datum objave 30.07.2017
Sobivanje podeželja in kmetijstva We kindly invite you to the 4th Slovenian Rural Parliament, which will be held in Grm Novo mesto –Center for Biotechnology and Tourism on 22nd September 2017. The introductory part will be held on 21st September in Dežela kozolcev in Šentrupert. Participants should submit their registration forms by 10th September 2017 ...
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Presentations EIP workshop

  • Datum objave 31.03.2014
Presentations from the EIP workshop in Ljubljana: Mark Redman: Introduction (pdf) Silvia Dietz & Emanuela Galeazzi, EIP-AGRI: Operational Groups (pdf) Tanja Gorišek: EIP and RDP Slovenia (pdf) Anita Beblek: Strawberry case (pdf) Betka Logar: Cattle dairy farms case (pdf) Claudia Freiding: Plum case (pdf) Janko Rode: Mežiška dolina case (pdf) Mark Redman: Introduction think tanks ...
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EIP Workshop Ljubljana 25-26 March 2014

  • Datum objave 18.03.2014
Workshop “Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes” was organised from 25 – 26 March 2014 by the European Commission and hosted by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of agriculture and the environment and supported by Chamber of agriculture and forestry. The Workshop has been taking place at Austria trend hotel. The European Innovation Partnership on ...
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  • Datum objave 01.07.2013
RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA 2007–2013 The RDP of Slovenia (2007-2013) aims to ensure a balance and synergies between enhancing the competitiveness of the agriculture, food and forestry industry, environmental protection and conservation of the natural landscape, as well as improvement of the quality of life in rural areas and the promotion ...
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  • Datum objave 30.06.2013
Strategic orientation and Objectives of the Rural Network The National Rural Network was established with a public appeal to affiliate to the Network in April 2008. Individuals and organisations may register in the Network base to cooperate in the Network activities or only to receive electronic Network news. In order to provide the continuity of ...
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