37 local development strategies and 37 local action groups approved for the programming period until 2027

37 local development strategies and 37 local action groups approved for the programming period until 2027

  • Datum objave 23.02.2024

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food issued 37 decisions on the approval of local development strategies and local action groups for the implementation of the LEADER/CLLD (community-led local development) approach. Approved local development strategies (LDS) are the basis for implementing the joint LEADER/CLLD approach of two funds – the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the area of each local action group (LAG).

In Slovenia, the third program period of the implementation of the LEADER approach and the second period of the joint approach of community-led local development, known as the approach of several LEADER/CLLD funds, are beginning. A total of EUR 84.55 million of European funds were distributed to LAGs through decisions – EUR 44.4 million from the EAFRD and EUR 40.1 million from the ERDF.

In 2023, based on the Regulation on the operation of local action groups and the confirmation of local development strategies for the programming period until 2027, local partnerships (LAS) were formed across Slovenia. Most of the local partnerships decided to continue in the same area and under the same name. Some of them were formed in a new area or under a new name, depending on the interest of the local area. LAGs are approved by issued decisions for the entire area of Slovenia, i.e. all Slovenian municipalities are included in the 37 LAGs, which is a rarity in the European area.



In the first half of 2023, local partnerships prepared SLRs for their areas, which reflect an analysis of the situation, the needs of the local area and measures, and include a financial framework within which it will be possible to implement projects in the local environment from EAFRD and ERDF funds.

The CLLD interdepartmental working group (MDS CLLD) positively evaluated all SLRs and prepared an opinion on the approval of SLRs and LAS.

At the end of 2023, the Regulation on the implementation of community-led local development in the period up to 2027 (Leader/CLLD Implementation Regulation) was issued.

On the basis of European and national legislation, prepared opinions of the IMF CLLD and decisions on the support of the managing body of the ERDF fund, the MKGP prepared and issued decisions on the approval of all 37 SLRs and LAS. The decisions are the basis for LAGs to implement the LEADER/CLLD approach in the programming period until 2027.

Approved SLRs will be able to be implemented on the basis of the LEADER/CLLD Implementation Regulation. The regulation provides support for the implementation of projects, including cooperation projects between LAGs, within the framework of approved SLRs. For the EAFRD fund, beneficiaries of support for the implementation of projects can be LAS, natural or legal persons.

The regulation also sets out the conditions for granting support for the implementation of projects selected within the framework of the SLR. Projects can be implemented in settlements with less than 10,000 inhabitants, regardless of this, promotion, education, workshops and other small activities can be carried out in these settlements. The Regulation brings quite a few simplifications, unification of rules between the EAFRD and ERDF funds, the possibility of claiming advance payments and claiming VAT, as permitted by the legislation, claiming costs in the form of simplified forms of costs, including labor costs also for volunteer work.

The maximum amount of public support for an individual project is 200,000 euros, and the minimum amount of public support for an individual project is 5,000 euros. The level of public support for an individual project amounts to 80% of eligible project costs, for the EAFRD fund, the level of support for certain investments is reduced to 65% of eligible investment costs within the project.

The project selection system remains the same as in the previous program period. LAGs, and the selected LAG lead partners on their behalf, will publish public calls for the selection of projects for their LAG area. Projects will be selected at the LAS level based on project selection criteria, then approved by the decision-making body at the LAS level (Board of Directors or LAS Assembly). The lead partner of the individual LAG will then submit the projects for the EAFRD fund to the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development, which issues decisions on the right to funds for the individual project.

LAS is represented in administrative and financial matters by the chosen leading partner of LAS. LAG lead partners representing individual LAGs must carry out tasks related to the implementation of the approved SLR, which derive from the LEADER/CLLD Regulation. To perform these tasks, they are entitled to support for the management, monitoring and evaluation of SLR and its animation. Anyone interested can contact the leading partner of each LAG for more information regarding the publication of public calls for project selection.


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