Effective absorption of LEADER/CLLD funds in Polhov Gradec (LAG Marshes and Surroundings)

  • Datum objave 09.05.2024
About LAG Marshes and Surroundings The Ljubljana Marshes and Surroundings Local Action Group (LAG)  covers the south-western part of the Ljubljana Marshes and surrounding hills, plateaus, and valleys, such as the Krim Hills, the Rakitnica Plateau, the Pokojišče Plateau and the Polhov Gradec Hills. The Ljubljana Marshes and the distinctly hilly part of the LAG ...
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Example of effective absorption of European funds: LAG “The capital and the countryside – hand in hand” – CER CEROVO TOURIST SOCIETY

  • Datum objave 19.04.2024
About the Local Action Group “The capital and the countryside – hand in hand” The LAG is a local action group of four municipalities in the Ljubljana urban region: Grosuplje, Ig, the City of Ljubljana and Škofljica. During the 2014-2022 programming period, the LAG’s lead partner was CIZA – Institute for Rural Development. In the ...
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37 local development strategies and 37 local action groups approved for the programming period until 2027

  • Datum objave 23.02.2024
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food issued 37 decisions on the approval of local development strategies and local action groups for the implementation of the LEADER/CLLD (community-led local development) approach. Approved local development strategies (LDS) are the basis for implementing the joint LEADER/CLLD approach of two funds – the European Agricultural Fund for Rural ...
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International workshop on implementing CLLD

  • Datum objave 09.11.2023
Our workshop on LEADER and multi-funded CLLD approaches attracted around 80 participants from 20 Member States to Ljubljana, Slovenia, earlier this month, who exchanged experiences and main challenges for the implementation of multi-funded CLLD at the policy and operational level and discussed practical solutions for improvement of the use of multi-funded CLLD, in the current and next ...
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Information on Slovenia’s implementation of its CAP Strategic plan

  • Datum objave 17.08.2023
Slovenia’s CAP Strategic plan was approved by the European Commission on the 28th of October 2022, coming into effect with the 1st of January. While the main document is written in Slovenian, we also prepared a recap in English, which presents some of the main features of the CAP Strategic plan for Slovenia. The recap ...
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Skladišče skupine proizvajalcev; Avtor: KGZ Sloga

Collective approaches create CAP success stories

  • Datum objave 27.01.2023
Identifying, analysing and sharing good practice examples of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation are core functions of the European CAP Network and we have recently published a new set of different CAP project practices. These reflect the CAP’s primary rationale in terms of safeguarding food supplies for EU citizens in a sustainable way, as well as ...
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How does the LEADER/CLLD approach contribute to rural development in Slovenia?

  • Datum objave 20.12.2022
This publication tries, via participatory research and analysis of debates and practices, to clarify how the LEADER/CLLD approach is contributing to rural development in Slovenia.   The focus of this publication is to search for answers to the complex question: How does the LEADER/CLLD approach contribute to rural development in Slovenia? Contributing authors sought to find answers ...
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CAP Strategic Plan for Slovenia approved by European Commission

  • Datum objave 24.11.2022
The Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its meeting on 28th September 2022 endorsed the updated proposal for the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan 2023-2027 for Slovenia. The European Commission approved the above-mentioned document on 28th October 2022. The CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 for Slovenia is available here (in Slovene): At a glance’ overview ...
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